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IIT Bombay’s Central Library is like IIT Bombay – user-focused, innovative, and excellence driven. The library has always benefited from the institutes’ culture, is pioneer in adopting new technology, and is far ahead than many libraries in the country. Central Library manages knowledge, both in print and digital formats, ensures seamless discovery and access to these scholarly resources, and provides faculty, students, and staff with professional support to find, evaluate, manage, and use such resources. It provides high-quality ambiance for both reflective and collaborative work and study. Its collection of about 4.40 lakh items is used by more than 11000 members and others . The library extensively uses social media for improved communication and interaction and has created a blog to post current and interesting information and news items. Users can also follow us on the facebook and twitter. This is the reflection of library’s continuous engagement with its users as a valuable partner in their learning and research.

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